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Inspiration for Your Divorced Friend

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2019

Question for you: Who is that co-worker, friend, relative, neighbor, church member, client, loved one that has gone through a divorce (whether recently or years ago)?

You know the one I'm asking about who:

  • Hasn't completely healed or recovered from the setback?
  • Went through a divorce recently, years, or decades ago?
  • Hasn't figured out who she is and what she wants?
  • Describes her ex as a narcissist and bends your ear about it?
  • Still talks about the breakup as if it were yesterday?
  • Doubts herself?

Why not share this inspirational message and tip I offer in this video, "How to Get Over Your Ex and Be Happy"? She will be grateful that you thought about her and that you care.

Let her know that she can receive a series of inspirational videos with a solid tip to help her get over her feel good enough to get over ex and be happy.

That's what I do. I help women of divorce feel good enough to get over an ex and be happy.

Will you help me help her by inviting her to sign-up for Inspiration-STAYtion? These are videos that will encourage her to STAY inspired throughout the day.




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