I help divorced parents feel good enough to get over an ex and be happy.

I'm your Relationship Coach. I'm ready to get you a breakthrough to happiness. Are you ready?

There are two beliefs that will keep you unhappy in a breakdown or a breakup: (1) You are not good enough; and, (2) Someone else (i.e., your ex) is the blame. Let's start shifting those beliefs today so you can be happy and successful.

Pamela Elaine Nichols, M.H.S.

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A Book Full of Happiness Breakthrough Lessons You Must Learn

What happened before I ever appeared on The Dr. Oz Show was a breakdown...in front of my four young children. That breakdown led to 14 breakthrough life lessons I wrote in a book. Before you can have a happy and fulfilling relationship with another, you must examine the "muddiness" you bring into a relationship. However, don't allow your muddiness (or another's muddiness) to diminish your worth.


A LIVE Breakthrough Experience

At a young age, you were told that you weren't good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, nice enough, tall enough, thin enough, strong enough, important enough. And, you believed what you were told. This belief has kept you from the happiness and success you desire in your relationships. Ready for a new belief? In this unforgettable experience, Pamela Elaine shows you how to shift to a new belief that can make you happier in work, life and love. Join the Experience!


Welcome to Happiness Coaching - From Breakup To Breakthrough

Relationships can be hard on the heart, mind and body. All relationships in work, life and love will experience a breakdown, a breakup or both. These experiences will make you feel frustrated, angry, stressed out and overall unhappy.

In this unique coaching program, you will learn how to process the pain of a breakup while you increase your "Happiness Intelligence" (HI). A happier you is less stressed and more successful in work, life and love.



You have to believe that you are good enough if you are going to be happy and successful. This membership program will teach you how to believe and how to live that belief.

As a member of this exclusive group, you get access to an experience each month.  You become part of, "I Am A Believer!" Insider's Club and be the first in the know. Membership includes monthly LIVE training and coaching with Pamela Elaine where you receive 3-5 action steps to keep you in the good enough groove and ways to measure your growth. Plus, a surprise resource every 90 days and MORE.


Feel Good About Your Worth

When Pamela Elaine speaks and coaches, people heal.


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How to Go Through a Breakdown to Get to a Breakthrough

#1 Breakthrough Lesson You Must Learn

Give From An Abundant Heart

What's Your Happiness Blueprint?

In just five minutes of listening to your answers to "3 Critical Life Views", I can tell you what your happiness blueprint is - whether you are set for unhappiness or happiness in your relationship with your ex. And, I can give you my thoughts about happiness in other relationships. Schedule a 5 minute Happiness Blueprint Session today.

Three Discovery Sessions to Help You Where You Are

Choose based on the state of your relationship


Do you need to talk to someone about a relationship that isn't working? Do you need instant tips to deal with the stress of the relationship?

Breakdowns in relationships are often due to a belief that you are unaware you have. It is the belief that you are not good enough. This belief runs your life, ruins your relationships, stresses you out and keeps you in breakdown mode. Learn a new belief.



Do you need to talk to someone about a relationship that is breaking up? Do you need instant tips to deal with the stress of the relationship?

Being in an unhappy relationship is tough. What’s worse is getting out of that relationship before you understand the hard road ahead. Before you leave or your spouse leaves, you must be able to answer at least 5 critical questions that determine if you are ready to leave.



Do you need to talk to someone about moving on after a relationship has ended? Do you need support to find happiness?

The guaranteed way to happiness after a breakdown or a breakup is personal development. You can only control yourself. That’s why the more you develop your happiness the less you will let other people mess with your heart and your head.


Selfish Generosity - Give to Yourself So You Can Give to Others

You put the needs and wants of others (children, parents, significant other, employer) before your own. This practice is costing you peace, emotional well-being, and health. What if you could take care of others while you make your health and well-being a priority? You can when you practice the art of Selfish Generosity.

Book Pamela Elaine Nichols to speak to your group, organization or business about the "The 4 Principles of Selfish Generosity"


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